Monday, February 23, 2009


Here's the deal. I was just talking with a family-in-law and they were telling me how they didn't like that her family member had posted a blog about the family. I tried to explain that the people who read it wouldn't really care about it, cuz most of them don't know the family. But, this in-law just would not let it go. Why do people always have to create drama where there is none?? I just don't understand how people can do this. It's just absolutely retarded. If it doesn't concern you, then don't worry about it. I understand that you are worrying about the family, but if u are worried about what one person says about the family, then it seems that maybe the family should change how they act. That seems just a little more logical to me than trying to make the talker stop talking. At least if the talker is talking truthfully, which in this case they are talking truthfully. There is also a generational gap that may be causing such a problem. The in-law is from the generation before us and that particular generation is always worrying what others will be thinking about them, whareas my generation, the talking generation, doesn't give a damn what is said. Just so long as you don't try and bring me down by lying, then I don't care. But not so with the older generation than us. They have to keep everything all locked up and put in a dark place inside the family. If we want to talk, or in this case blog, about something that is bothering us, the we will whether u like it or not. Just deal with it, and if someone else decides to take more away from it than there is, then just tell them to mind their own damn business. What happens between us is not something for you to talk to others about. Just cuz I decide to share it with everybody, it doesn't mean that you can. It is for me to share, not you. It just seems to me that they don't have backbone enough to stand up to anyone other than their own family memebers. Its absolutely stupid and it is just more drama that does not need to be created.


Rica said...

yeah , i know what you are saying. ur talking about that black cat outside the house, aren't you?

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